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What does Leaven mean!

Leaven Massage Therapy. I’m often asked are you Leaven, how do you say leavin (lee-v-in), what does that mean?

How its pronounced

Leaven Massage Therapy is pronounced lev-uh-n.

What does it mean, how did you come up with that?

Leaven has several definitions but the rudimentary definition “an element that produces an altering or transforming influence” is what best defines the interpretation chosen. Several names were considered some of which are in the definition of leaven initially the typical massage or wellness names like serenity, elements, lavender etc.,compound words with the prefix soma in it and so many more. I was finally able to formulate and research deep enough to find a word to encompass the essence of massage therapy and that was leaven. The moment i saw this word and read the definition I knew it was the one I would be happy to call my business name. Most people don’t know what it means (formerly including myself) or have even heard are seen the word. The word itself is not straight forward its complex and progressive so is the body, massage therapy and the business of leaven massage therapy

How do you associate it with massage therapy?

Massage therapy effects the body in several ways. On the micro scale Neurological which is fast acting but short term, hormonally which gets dumped into the blood stream and is distributed that way. It is slow acting but have longer lasting effects. Not to mention the treat of a hard working muscle being effleuraged and petrissaged encouraging the muscle to relax and bringing nurturing blood and fresh oxygen to the areas worked. On the macro scale some of the effects of massage therapy: reduces stress, anxiety and depression, headaches, muscular pain, fatigue, Increase muscular strength, flexibility, elasticity, improves circulation of lymph and blood, range of motion, recovery time from workouts, strengthen immunity, helps prevent injuries, promotes better sleep to name a few.

Therefore massage therapy is the element that produces the altering or transforming influence and a therapist is the medium or agency through which the element acts.

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