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We work events! If you have an event, party, get together and are looking for something different and more creative than the typical things to do at your function Event Massage Tent may be the way to go. Having a massage therapy tent is ideal for functions like a fun run/walk, tournaments, family reunion, birthday party, wedding rehearsal, health fair, cook off and festivals to name a few. The event tent set-up is virtually bringing the spa like inside atmosphere outside to your location. the event tent can also be set up inside of a building with high ceilings with open space with ease of entry, exit and at least 15x15 feet. 

The price of the event massage tent coming to your function is $100 per hour. Loading up, travel setup, breakdown are included in this price. Our participation must be a minimum of 1 hour. Each individual session can range from 10, 15 to 20 minutes per person. Our event tent kit and set up depend on the environment or your event.  Enhancements like music, candles diffuser etc may or may not be included depending on the nature of your event. The basic equipment includes a massage chair and table it takes approximately 30 minutes to set up the tent in its entirety. In some cases the area that you would like for us to set up may need to be available 24 hours before your event but usually  40 to 50 minutes before your event may be adequate. At a minimum a week in advance will increase your chance of our availability on your desired day and time of your event but two weeks or more in advance is Ideal.

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